Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bay Natives donates a meadow made of native grasses!

Bay Natives is deepening its relationship with the EcoCenter and its footprint! Yesterday, Bay Natives and students from CCSF planted plugs of native grasses that Bay Natives donated in the area in front of the entrance to the drip field. When the plugs are fully mature, it will develop into a meadow of hearty native grasses that will need very little irrigation! In the meantime, LEJ staff and CCSF students will be water the lawn with rainwater caught from the EcoCenter's living roof to make sure the grasses get to where they need to be in order to sustain themselves. Thanks Bay Natives for continuing to help enhance the EcoCenter's native landscaping!

Patrick Rump (far left) and CCSF students lay out plans for the native meadow.

Planting native grass plugs donated from Bay Natives

CCSF students hard at back breaking work, while the rainwater catchment tanks (silver tanks in the background) provide water to irrigate the seedlings.