Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mr. Woo, Electrical Technician Helps Out at the EcoCenter

Today Mr. Tong Woo installed a timer for the irrigation pumps that provide harvested rainwater to either the living roof or the native landscaping around the EcoCenter.  This is an important change as our pumps use current when the breakers that provide electricity are on - not a good thing when we hit a streak of cloudy and rainy days.  Remember we are off grid and the continual energy usage drains our battery storage system.  Mr. Woo has been with us at the EcoCenter since last Spring. He works as an electrical technician at the San Francisco International Airport and has helped us learn about our electrical system, particularly how to care for our batteries so they will last as long their full life expectancy - about 10 years. See photos below of Mr. Woo along with CCSF students Lauren, Darin, and Toby.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Potluck to Celebrate Birthdays and the Opportunity to be at the EcoCenter

This week CCSF students and LEJ staff celebrated the birthdays of students Nikki Mixon (her birthday actually is today!) and Emily Fryer.  As a gift to the ladies who head the Landscape Team at the EcoCenter, most of the day was spent helping weed the area just around the facility.  The workday was officially over at 4:30 and we shared food and drink with family and friends and spontaneous visitors to Heron's Head Park. We also wanted to celebrate this amazing opportunity and now our 3rd semester at the EcoCenter.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Patrick Rump of LEJ Gives Tour of HHP to CCSF Students

This week at the EcoCenter and Heron's Head Park, LEJ Executive Director Patrick Rump gave CCSF students a tour of Heron's Head Park and shared the history of this very special restoration project.  Starting this month, students enrolled in Sustainability 91 at the EcoCenter will also have the opportunity to engage in various restoration activities in the park two Wednesdays a month. The last Wednesday of every month, students will have the opportunity to work at the LEJ nursery and learn about seed collection and propagation of native plants. See some photos taken of the walk/tour below.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The EcoCenter's Living Roof to be included in a city-wide study

Lisa Lee Benjamin of Evocatalyst who designed the living roof and constructed wetland came to the EcoCenter today to discuss her design and research work on green roofs both worldwide. She gave students a background on the research evidence that makes the economic, environmental, and public health case for this type of greening in the built environment.  Green rooftops lower heating and cooling loads and costs, help mitigate both the urban heat island effect and climate change, manage stormwater, and provide habitat especially when cultivated with native species.  They last longer than traditional rooftops and can be cheaper to install and maintain.  The green rooftop at the EcoCenter will be part of a city wide study starting in March 2013.