Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CCSF's Presentation of Learning

The academic semester is coming to an end for CCSF students, which means it's time to wrap up their final projects! They blew away LEJ youth, staff, board members, and prospective students of the sustainability course in their Presentation of Learning on May 15 at the EcoCenter!

Facilitated by former EcoCenter Programs and Operation Manager, Tracy Zhu (right), the Presentation of Learning featured students projects on specific EcoCenter green systems: energy, building materials, wastewater, wetlands, rainwater harvesting, native landscaping/living roof, and environmental monitoring.

It was evident how much the students researched each of their topics using the EcoCenter's past history as well as outside sources, going through user manuals and documenting best practices. It was especially clear how much sweat equity each student dedicated: from cleaning the floors and bathrooms to cleaning the solar panels, weeding on the living roof, planting native plants in the landscape, and leading volunteers.

BIG THANKS TO CCSF STUDENTS AND INSTRUCTOR PEGGY LOPIPERO-LANGMO! Without your expertise, passion for learning and genuine commitment and partnership, the EcoCenter wouldn't be in half as good of shape as it is! You truly are bringing learning to life in this "living classroom," harking back to the EcoCenter's original name and intention.

Looking forward to the ongoing relationship into the summer and next fall!
Wendy Brummer, LEJ Board Member (front right) attends
CCSF's Presentation of Learning