Monday, June 3, 2013

Indonesian Students Interested in Sustainable Development Visit the EcoCenter

Twenty students taking part in the Indonesian Leadership Program visited today. San Francisco and the EcoCenter were their first stop in what is to be a three week tour of the United States with a focus on sustainable development and urban ecology.  Though still a little jet lagged this inspiring group of high school students were continually engaged and polite during their tour of the EcoCenter.  With the aid of a translator, the kids learned about the sustainable systems and asked many great questions during the two hour visit.  Their favorite part of the tour was the constructed wetland and its organisms. The students were particularly interested in learning about the organisms' roles in the food web and their particular adaptations.  Definitely many budding biologists were in the group.  Before leaving, we took a group picture.  Several asked for our email addresses and want to keep in touch. We hope they do! A few pictures of the afternoon follow: