Sunday, April 29, 2012

Work, work, and work at the EcoCenter!

Our great friends, Rebuilding Together were back! Remember two years ago when Rebuilding Together brought out hundreds of volunteers from Salesforce's Dreamforce conference to bring the EcoCenter to near completion? This time, they partnered with Walmart and St. Ignatius Church freshen up the EcoCenter's aesthetic, inside and out! Together they: 
  • Planted approximately 6000 seed pods in prepared landscape areas
  • Planted seed pots (at Bay Natives facility across the street)
  • Cleaned and re-painted interior walls & door/floor trim in classroom, rest rooms, mechanical room and interior walls of sun room
  • Developed design solutions to re-mount repurpose wood flooring on exterior parapet wall and re-install wood slats

For more pictures, check out Rebuilding Together's blog post and Flikr!

PS Shoutout to Salesforce and Accenture for making it out to the EcoCenter for corporate work days earlier in the month!