Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living Roof Membrane Installed Today!


I can't describe the incredible feeling of watching the EC's living roof come on line. After twelve years of work and planning--we are finally watching our living classroom come on line--with all of the systems that we aimed for thank to the Administration's ARRA funding to bring additional resources online.

In partnership with Habitat Gardens and Urethane Roofing, we laid down the first portion of our membrane. The polyurethane membrane is sprayed directly onto the OSB platform on the roof deck. As the CEO of Urethane Roofing stated yesterday, this provides a bullet proof membrane that will protect the building from any water element for over twenty years. Some benefits of this membrane include: high durability, performance, energy efficiency, lower maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and low environmental impact.

We will be ready to install our Living Roof on Monday!!!!

Come on down to the site to see the action!