Saturday, March 13, 2010

Asian Neigborhood Design Visits the EcoCenter!


Today the Herons Head Park team and the EcoCenter Team met with Asian Neighborhood Design to give the students at ANDNET a sneak peak at some of our living systems. We spent a great deal of time explaining the relevance of our building design within the framework of the commmunity of Bayview Hunterspoint and why we decided to move "off the grid". We talked about the concentration of sewage treatment in our community as well as the burden of carrying the city's two largest power plants [one already demolished and one soon to be], as well as reviewing some of the land use problems from brownfields to the superfund site. The students were really excited about what we are accomplishing and they want to be involved!

Our new team has hired two graduates of the ANDNET apprenticeship program and we are working on training the graduates about horticulture, living roofs, and low impact development design--as well as harvesting rainwater!

You will notice we extended our downspout from the building to move all roof water off site while we wait for the shipment of our rainwater tanks. Hopefully they will be here soon!

Come down and visit!