Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mr. Woo, Electrical Technician Helps Out at the EcoCenter

Today Mr. Tong Woo installed a timer for the irrigation pumps that provide harvested rainwater to either the living roof or the native landscaping around the EcoCenter.  This is an important change as our pumps use current when the breakers that provide electricity are on - not a good thing when we hit a streak of cloudy and rainy days.  Remember we are off grid and the continual energy usage drains our battery storage system.  Mr. Woo has been with us at the EcoCenter since last Spring. He works as an electrical technician at the San Francisco International Airport and has helped us learn about our electrical system, particularly how to care for our batteries so they will last as long their full life expectancy - about 10 years. See photos below of Mr. Woo along with CCSF students Lauren, Darin, and Toby.