Friday, December 10, 2010

Laurie and living classrooms in NYC!

Hey all,

Happy holidays! Hoping you're taking this time to reflect and celebrate with your friends, family, and community. Life is governed by cycles, beginnings leading to ends leading to new beginnings. As the EcoCenter adapts and evolves with the seasonal cycles, I'd like to share some news on Laurie Schoeman and her work that has come full circle.

After Laurie raised the EcoCenter from foundation to vegetated roof, she returned to her native habitat of New York City as the Executive Director of New York Sun Works, primarily focusing on building living classrooms on school rooftops!

Check out the newest living classroom that Laurie is working on.
Rooftop Greenhouse Could Revolutionize City Schools

Congratulations Laurie! From BVHP to NYC, thanks for bringing learning to life.