Friday, January 15, 2010

EcoCenter Bids out Vegetative Roof!

Hi all:

I am pleased to announce a new opportunity! As many of you know we recieved funding fromm the California Regional Quality Control Board via the EPA for installation of our Low Impact Development [LID] systems which include our: Vegetative Roof, our Constructed Wetlands Treatment System, our Permeable Patheways, landscaping with natives, signage, and our dripfield. We have now issued a request for proposal [RFP] for the work!

I am so thankful that we have this resource because since the project has been so delayed over the years, it was incumbent on our team to find the financial resources which would allow us to implement all of our goals and to at last realize our vision of our Living Roof! Ironically, last year at this time we were knee deep in a deep state budget freeze and didn't see any end in sight. This year we are actually creating more green jobs than ever imagined with this new resource!

This opportunity will afford our community the ability to fully realize our dream of having all of the integrated systems in place for our Spring Opening and to create some real green jobs!

I look foreward to hearing back from various contractors and interested parties over the course of the next three weeks. All of the information for the RFP is located on the front page of our website:

Stay in touch!