Monday, May 19, 2008

Groundbreaking at Herons head Park

Hi all, we had a fantastic time at the groundbreaking for the EcoCenter at Heron's Head Park! I can't believe what an incredible turnout we had. Mayor Newsome spent the morning with us, Monique Moyer (Port of SF), Jared Blumenfeld (DOE), Sam Suchat (SCC), Sophie Maxwell, as well as an amazing turnout of folks in our community. I was really honored that so many people in San Francisco support this initiative--and really stepped up to the plate.

We got some great coverage of the day! See below!


Pictures from Mark Palmer at the DOE!

And Bill Wilson:

NY Times National Edition featuring David Gavrich's newborn goat and
our very own Jamila


Fog City Journal:

San Francisco Sentinel:

Bay City News:

San Francisco Chronicle op-ed by one of our youth:

From the Mayor's Press office:

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Channel 20:

Government Tech, one of the premier sites for municipal buildings:

We also received coverage from Channel Five, Various radio stations,
and some international coverage.

Thank you all for your support! It was a wonderful joyous event for us